Mass & Novena

Thursdays are  dedicated to St.Jude, Holy Mass & Novena are celebrated throughout the day seeking favours and blessing of St.Jude. Hundreds flew into the church on this day , special prayers and adoration ceremonies are conducted because St. Jude, through the most sacred heart of Jesus comes to the aid of the miserable with speedy and necessary help, especially in the most desperate cases.

Daily services are conducted during the weekdays as usual,  Listed below is the complete timing of the liturgical ceremonies

Daily Mass 6.00 AM, 7.00 AM, 5.30 PM
Thursday 5.54 AM Novena
6.00 AM, 7.00 AM, 10.30 AM, 3.45 PM 5.30 PM [Mass & Novena]
7.15 PM [Mass & Novena in English]
Sunday 6.00 AM [ Mass ]
7.00 AM [ Mass ]
8.30 AM [ Mass ]
5.30 PM [ English mass ]

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  1. Manju Joseph

    I am a devotee who is facing lot of challenges in life from past 5 months. Due to the hurricane, we had to move to different place and that too in short span.I have 2 small kids.After 10 days, when we came back to our home, fungus was spread and could not stay there.Mold inspector came and asked us to vacate home.We took hotel accommodation since day before yesterday. Today suddenly my husband started having headache and vomiting tendency.He was admitted to hospital and gave IV Fluid.Also CT scan was done.I was praying to St. Jude. Result of CT Scan was normal. It’s only because of St.Jude’s powerful blessings.St.Jude please bless us and help us to find a house and to live peacefully and return back to our hometown and be with our parents and relatives forever.

  2. Rose

    Respected Priest, Nuns & church members…

    I am from Ernakulam seeing prayer help for getting a good job, recovery from my recurring disease, to become a good life partner… I would like to know the date and time of the feast of St.Jude.

    Looking forward,

    • admin

      On Thursdays Confession service is available from Morning 7 AM to 12.30 PM and Evening 4 PM to 6 PM. On weekdays the service is available on request, you can approach parish priest in his office during morning hours.

  3. Manju Joseph

    Praise be the Lord father ,

    I want to share the miracle received from praying to my St.Jude of Thevara.My father had undergone surgery of nose last week and after the surgery blood was flowing from the nose which was causing very uneasiness.Also after the surgery ,urine was not going properly so for that tube has been attached for proper urine flow.Because of all these , my father was feeling very tired and unconfortable.Today morning was the review checkup.We prayed for the urine tube to be removed with no further complication.Miraculously doctor removed the tube and cleaned the nose and the bleeding stopped.Also doctor mentioned that there is no further complication for urine flow also.We were very much worried.I understand that with faith, if we pray, my God will hear and bless us .I know my Jesus heard our cries and prayer and healed my father.This is a great blessing.Thank you father for praying for us.
    Bless us Jesus.

    A devotee,
    Manju Joseph

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